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Counting down the days

Before you know it school will we coming to an end. This means Seniors will be graduating  ,and everyone will be climbing up a step into their life. With less than 90 days left you have to finish out strong because it could cost you in the future. In these last couple of days there are so many memories to experience. You have to make the best of it because these days wont come back. Make sure you stay on top of things because you don’t want to do bad at the end of the year and make the wrong decision. When you take that first step out into the real world, your going to have to be prepared because it’s so much different than high school. More responsibilities to be held accountable, and getting a job is a big thing to be ahead on. It sounds scary but growing up is apart of life, we all have to do it. So don’t take it for granted because when you graduate and go to college, you won’t be ready. What you need to do is make sure all your work is done, also participate in everything you can because after this year your done. Make the memories last, but don’t forget about yourself and where you’ll be next year. If you haven’t yet, go apply to colleges, take the ACT, and apply for scholarships. This will all get you ready for after high school and help set yourself up for your future career. So just keep track of the days because there counting down.