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Lyft Driver Assaulted by Drunk Men.

Lyft is a new business that basically is a version of Uber. It is an online “taxi” service but the drivers are regular people who usually drive as a side job. It’s relatively safe to most and things go smoothly for the most part. However, this past week a driver experienced a pretty disastrous when he picked up two drunk men and things took a turn for the worst. The two men were told to get out of the vehicle multiple times and refused. When they finally did get out of the car, they had harshly closed the car doors and that upset the driver.

The driver had gotten out of the car to confront the two drunk men when he was shoved an assaulted by the two men. The men had tackled the driver to the ground and had repeatedly kicked him in his rib cage and hit him in the face. One of the men had turned his assault to the vehicle, he reportedly put around a football-sized hole in one of the car’s windows. It was even reported that one of the men bit the driver before a bystander came to the rescue of the assaulted driver.

The two men were arrested shortly there after and charged with assault. One of the men was also charged with criminal damage, due to his assault on the car. The driver of the car was offered treatment for his injuries but he had chosen not to receive any treatment for his  wounds.