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Featured Athlete

Athlete of the Week: James Bosworth

This week’s featured athlete is senior James Bosworth. James is on Lakewood’s varsity boys tennis team, arguably one of the most overlooked spring sports team we have here at the high school. James has been playing tennis since sophomore year and already landed a spot on varsity by junior year. So far this year, James and his doubles partner senior Jack Burke have an excellent record of 9-3 for their matches. James and Jack continue to take on other schools with multiple matches a week to keep their positive streak alive.

James says he loves the tennis team and is so happy he joined sophomore year, he previously played football but says he much prefers his experience with tennis. Since LHS’ courts are open pretty much 24/7, James says he has been able to stay in shape all year in preparation for the tennis season. James and his friends love to meet at the courts both at the high school and the park to partake in a little preseason tournament.

He currently juggles post-secondary school at CSU while also attending LHS in the afternoon, so he is definitely busy in the spring season. He plans to study business at Cleveland State University following graduation, something he has already been doing the past two years at CSU. He says he does not plan to continue tennis in college, but hopes to reunite with his fellow graduates for a quick match every so often on breaks. Possibly even an intramural or club team at CSU for his future, but right now he is just planning on focusing on his studies.