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Class of 2017 is Coming to an End

With less than 9 school days left for the Class of 2017, many Seniors at LHS are either doing one of three things. Celebrating, over thinking, or praying. Many of us are really happy and proud to be moving on with the next stage in our lives. Some of us are also extremely nervous and over thinking a lot of things. Maybe it’s because we don’t know what we want to do yet for the rest of our lives. Maybe it’s because we don’t want to leave high school and move on from this routine we have had for the past 13+ years. Then, unfortunately there’s the few of us who don’t know if we will be graduating this coming month. Maybe we failed an essential class last-minute or didn’t have enough credits. Unfortunately, those students are out of luck.

For the most part, many of us are very excited for what is about to happen. We will be growing up and ascending to the next stage of our lives and that interests a lot of us. We are all proud to be sporting our new college wear for those of us who are already accepted into a college after high school.

The mixture of emotions many of us will be feeling when we cross the stage this June will sure be something different. Proud, excited, joyful, overwhelmed, and even sadness. It’s going to be weird leaving behind high school as well as seeing certain people almost everyday of our lives. All new beginnings mean there is also an end.