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Undefeated in Cleveland- Lebron and Kyrie are at it Again.

Cleveland in on path to make it to the finals once again. With LeBron leading the team The Cavs have had two consecutive finals appearances and are looking for their third. The Cleveland Cavilers are 32-4 in the east playoffs Since LeBron’s Return, with two straight sweeps. The Cavs First cursed past Paul Gorge and the Pacers, then dominated the Toronto raptors. They are waiting to face the winner of the Wizards, Celtics series with is being led by the Celtics three games to two.

The Cavs are on fire shooting so far in the playoffs. The Cavs are the best three-point shooting team in the playoffs, and could be even better if there main scorer Kyrie Irving locked in. The Cavs are shooting 47.6% without Kyrie Irving. They are almost making every other three attempted, this is amazing for the NBA. Kyrie Irving is the only Cavalier to shoot under 40 percent from deep. Irving is 16-of-57,(28.1 percent). The Cavs are filled with three-point shooters, When one player is having an off game another three-point sniper steps up to the plate (All other Cavs are 99-of-208,47.6%).

Where Kyrie is lacking in the shooting column he is making up in his passing. He started off slow In the first series totaling 12 total assists. He then proceeded to tally up ten assists in the first game against the raptors.  Off of Kyrie Irving’s passes the Cleveland Cavaliers are shooting very high 66.2%. Kyries ability to create open shots for his teammates is one key factor why the Cavs are where they are today, and why they might make a run for a second straight finals victory.