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Featured Athlete

Featured Athlete: Adnan Abdic

Adnan Abdic, a senior at Lakewood High, will be capping off his final season of track this weekend and should be extremely proud of his athletic accomplishments. Adnan has participated in Lakewood track for a total of three years. He specializes in pole vault, but also participates in the long jump event. One of Adnan’s biggest accomplishments in track was when he reached 20’0″ in the long jump this year at the Midview tri-meet. The regular season has come to an end, and up next is the district meet at Amherst this weekend. Here, Adnan hopes to clear at least 13″ on the pole vault and advance to the regional meet. One of Adnan’s favorite memories of being a part of the track team was when he won the pole vault relay his junior year alongside Lakewood alum Zak Inak and Jimmy Toner at the Titan Relays.

Adnan isn’t just a star on the track, but also excels academically and in his community. Adnan is a member of the H2O- Help to Others community service group and makes sure to set aside time in his busy schedule to help others in his community. He has a very impressive service hour tally and hopes to continue helping others past high school. Adnan is a member of the National Honor Society and maintains a very high GPA throughout the school year. Alongside his athletic and academic career, Adnan also makes time to hang out  and have fun with friends. In the fall, he plans to attend Cleveland State University to study health sciences and pre-physical therapy.