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What to do with Your Summer!

As the school year gets close to the end, the age-old question of what you are going to do for the summer is asked over and over again. Some people may be traveling all over the world, or going on road trips across the country, but staying home is a plan for so many during the summer. Staying home may seem boring, but living in Lakewood there is so many things one could do!

  1. Go to all the beaches around the area — Living on Lake Erie, there are tons of beaches, private or not, for people to go visit.
  2. All of Lakewood’s festivals — The Art Fest and The Summer Meltdown are just a few of the biggest events that we have around Lakewood.
  3. Going Lakewood’s public pools — We have two amazing pools that are practically open all summer, it’s a great way to cool down.
  4. Crocker Park — It is only a half an hour away and its a lot of fun to go wander around the shops, even if you don’t buy anything.
  5. The Classic Water Balloon Fight — It is hot and sticky and gross, so throwing balloons at each other in a hope of cooling down is not only fun, but also can help cool you down.
  6. Go kayaking down in the valley — there are multiple places one could go to rent a kayak, and it changes up what to do.
  7. County/State Fairs — Even though they may be farther away, if you can get there, the fair is so much fun to go eat all the fair food, ride on the ferris wheel.
  8. Just spend time with your friends — they best thing one could ever do is just be with your friends as much as possible.

Have an amazing summer everyone! Make it the best summer possible!!