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Lavar Ball Deprives Lonzo of $20 Million

Lavar Ball is infamous for making illogical and regrettable decisions when it comes to his sons, but recently, he had made the decision to turn down offers from Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor, regarding sponsorship of Lonzo’s shoes. These offers were reported to be in the $10 million range and could have made a large increase if Lonzo was able to be drafted by the Lakers during this years draft. Lavar, being Lavar, naturally wanted a $1 billion contacts that would last around ten years. After he was turned down by all three brands, Lavar decided to walk away from all three offers made and sell the shoes, the ZO2’s, for $495 under his Big Baller Brand. The release only included 300 pairs and buyers will have to wait until November of 2017 to get their shoes because Lavar has to have them delivered.

The whole situation has made some noise on the internet. People are making fun of Lavar for having this ridiculous idea while others criticize Lonzo for not standing up to his father. The shoes themselves, are not worth $495, most people have compared them to Kobe Bryant’s shoes that look awfully similar to the ZO2’s. Critics and people of the internet say that Lonzo”s shoe is like a spray-painted version of the Kobe’s and overall, should not cost as much as they do.

Lavar’s other decisions include, not letting Lonzo working out for any other team, besides the Los Angeles Lakers, a risky move that is very unwise because if the Lakers pass on Lonzo, not only will his income drop, but he will most likely fall further in the draft.