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Spring, one of my favorite season other than summer. It’s the second season of the year, consisting of the months March, April, and May. I like the weather because it is not too hot or cold. I like the cool 60-70 degree weather. Some days I can wear my shorts, short sleeve shirts, and my dresses with the nice and beautiful spring weather. During the spring time I still can enjoy eating ice cream or drinking a slushie when I would like to. I can enjoy more time with my friends and family and hanging out with them and going out to places. During spring we get another break from school, called spring break. I also have another time to relax away from school and all the homework and assignments I receive.

I can enjoy my time and break without worrying about getting homework done and when they’re due date is. Spring time is a time where I can relax and enjoy the weather and hanging out. Enjoying the birds and flowers that surround me and enjoying nature. I love how in the springtime I can enjoy the surroundings and my free time to relax. I especially love spring since my birthday is during a spring month, which is March. I get to enjoy a time where there’s good weather and I can celebrate my birthday in the spring with friends and family. To me and in my opinion, spring is my second favorite season because my birthday is during that time and I can relax and enjoy the nature and the scenery.