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Person of the Week

Person of the Week: Stella Dedaj

This week’s person of the week is Senior Stella Dedaj. Stella is kind and shy at times but she has started to become more outgoing. She has been attending Lakewood High School the past four years. Stella was on the LHS gymnastics team her sophomore year and possibly plans on joining track this year. Stella says her favorite class at LHS is “Physics because the teacher is funny and I love to learn new things.”

Stella has decided to sign up and be an elf to raise money for Toy’s for Tot’s her senior year. She also volunteered to talk to freshman at Lakewood High School about her high school experience and possibly give them ideas on what to join in high school. Outside of school Stella commits many hours of her time to her job where she works at a nursing home. When she has free time Stella loves to hang out with her friends and watch shows on Netflix. Currently Stella’s favorite show is Friends.

Stella can’t wait to graduate after high school Stella has big dreams and plans to do big things. She plans to go to a four-year college then go to medical school right after. Stella wanted to go to either Cleveland State or Kent State for four years. She plans on becoming a surgeon or a nurse. Stella said “I can’t wait for what the future has to hold for me and I am very excited to do so many things after high school.”