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Person of the Week, Person of the Week

Lalia Williams-Riseng

This week’s person of the week is Lalia Williams-Riseng. Lalia is a junior at Lakewood High School who enjoys art and music. Lalia has been a part of the Lakewood Ranger Marching Band for the past three years, playing both the flute and the cymbals. She has also been a part of the swim team since her freshman year where. This past year, Lalia began writing for the Lakewood Times and has enjoyed improving her writing skills while reaching the Lakewood community. Lalia has also started volunteering with Help 2 Others(H2O) this past year and really enjoys being able to give back to her community.

Outside of school hours, Lalia enjoys hanging out with her friends and drawing. She can also be found working at Dairy Queen and working as a lifeguard at Foster pool during the summer. Her favorite part about being a lifeguard is having the opportunity to meet new people while being a part of an amazing team.

Next year, Lalia plans to continue her involvement with the Lakewood Ranger Marching Band, swim team, and H2O. She is the most excited to have a fun schedule and to visit various colleges. Although she is unsure of where she will be attending, Lalia plans to attend a college that is out-of-state so that she will have the opportunity to grow and develop in a new environment. She is unsure of what she will be majoring in at this point in time. Lalia is very much looking forward to her senior year and can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.