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Person of the Week, Person of the Week

Halle Sullenberger

This week’s person of the week is Halle Sullenberger. Halle is a sophomore at Lakewood High School who enjoys painting and music. Halle has been a part of the Lakewood Ranger Marching Band’s Flag Line since her freshman year. Next year, she will be one of two captains for the Flag Line. She has also been involved with track & field her freshman year, Key Club her sophomore year, and the Barnstormers Drama Club and Ski Club both her freshman and sophomore year. This past year, she has joined the West Shore Electronic Engineering Technology Program.

Outside of school hours, Halle can be found playing with her dogs, Willow and Sierra, or watching a good movie on Netflix. She can also be found with her youth group, the Saint Mark’s Youth Group (SMYG), on Sundays. She always looks forward to spending her Sundays hanging out with the friends she’s made, singing, and praying with the SMYG. Over spring break, Halle portrayed the part of Pontius Pilate in the SMYG production of the Passion Play.

Halle is looking forward to choreographing routines for the Flag Line, visiting various colleges, and continuing to make new memories that she will never forget during her junior year. She hopes to make new friends while improving further in her studies during the next year as well. As of right now, Halle is planning on majoring in either electronics engineering or psychology during college and is not yet sure of where she will attend. Halle is very much looking forward to deciding her future path and experiencing the new within the next two years!