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Senior Spotlight

Courtney Ribar

I believe the end of high school is a bittersweet feeling. All of the hard work seniors have put into the last four years is paying off. In those four years of hard work I have also had a lot of fun.

Some of my favorite memories I made in high school come from sporting events. Playing golf for the high school boys team is something I’ll never forget. Dressing in theme and cheering on the football and basketball teams. Winning Districts my junior year with my sister. Going to practically every baseball game the last eight years and doing the score book. In high school, sports were a major part of my memories but not the only memories I have.

Getting ready for every homecoming and getting to be on homecoming court my senior year. Picking out my prom dress and having the time of my life with my friends one last time. Being on student council and planning for prom my senior year. Just walking down the hall with my friends is a memory. To be honest senior year is a memory within it’s self.

The advice I would give to underclassmen is to be as involved as possible. These four years goes by fast and being involved makes them as enjoyable and memorable possible. Don’t be afraid of trying new things and put yourself out there. Lastly don’t take these four years for granted like I said they go by fast.

I will be attending Ohio University in the fall. I am unsure or undecided on my major at the moment. I am very excited for what the future brings and hope these four years in high school taught me a lot for what is to come.