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Senior Spotlight

Olivia Nagy

Senior year is winding down as we approach our last week of school and I am both happy and a little bit sad. It has been a long four years at Lakewood High and I am ready to move on and go to college. But, at the same time I will really miss all of my friends, teachers, and the fun times I had at LHS.

Some of my favorite memories include playing basketball and soccer for LHS and becoming super close with my teammates. My favorite basketball memory is winning the district championship my junior year. I also loved going to team lock-ins in the Harding gym, having team sleepovers, and going to team camp at the University of Findlay in the summer. My favorite memories from soccer include team  sleepovers, bus rides to games, and the team camp with Allegheny FC this past summer.

In addition to these sports memories, I really enjoyed all the lasts of senior year. Being in the student section at football and basketball games, going to dances, and being with my friends for one last year.

Next fall, I will be attending John Carroll University. I plan on studying in the Boler School of Business but I have not decided on a specific major yet. I will also be playing on the JCU Women’s’ Basketball Team.

Some advice I would give to underclassmen, even though it may sound cliche, is to make the most of your four years at LHS. When you are here it may feel like the years go by so slow and you may wish for graduation to come sooner, but looking back on these four years you will realize how short of a time it was but also how much it impacted you.