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Isabel Cintron

As my senior year is coming to a close, and my last days at Lakewood High School are soon to be over, there is much to reflect on. From my four years here I have made many memories.

One of my best memories would be playing basketball here at the high school. I played all four years of high school. My junior year was my favorite year of basketball,  this was the year we won districts. It had been years since our girls basketball team had last won a district title. The stands were full with fans to watch our game and the gym atmosphere is something I will never forget. Along with wining districts, I have many great memories from playing basketball including team camps, summer league, and having such great teammates through the years.

Some other great memories I have from high school would be some of the classes I had. My favorite class would be my senior year physics class. I enjoy all the labs and activities we do. My favorite thing from physics this year was the boat regatta. It was a fun experience being on TV with Kenny Crumpton, and making it across the pool in my boat.

My plans for next year are to attend the University of Toledo to study nursing. My biggest advice for remaining high school students would be to enjoy every part of high school, and never take anything for granted because it will be over before you know it. I am very excited for graduation and for the next years to come.