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Senior Spotlight

Nathan Cochran

High school was a long, generally boring four years, but it is what you make of it. I had a lot of fun outside of school, but would say the whole experience is neutral. Calling these the best four years of my life, would be really depressing considering I should live for like another 60-ish years.

I generally don’t have any positive memories or negative memories from being in this school, but my favorite memories would have to be hanging out with guys I’m enlisting with. Either going on trail runs, log pt, lifting, or messing around on the weekends. The guys I’m enlisting with have made this senior year way more memorable than anyone in this school could have.

The best advice I can give to a student is enjoy it while it lasts, there’s probably never going to be a time again where you can mess around for 8 hours a day and still pass. I’d also recommend doubling up math and sciences so you can have a really lax senior year, and leave super early. The last bit I’d offer is that everything here is temporary, so really nothing matters. So with that in mind there is really no reasons to stress about anything outside of your future plans.

My plans after LHS are already all planned out for me by Uncle Sam. I’ll be attending Marine Corps boot camp, and upon graduation of that I’ll be attending and completing the School of Infantry.