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Olivia Britt

As senior year comes to an end there are so many emotions. There is a lot of excitement and relief. There is the stress that comes from all of the projects and class work being thrown at us by our teachers. I must also mention that there is the fear and worry of what is to come, the uncertainty.

My four years here at Lakewood High School have definitely been a journey. There have been a lot of great times, but very many sad times as well. I would not have made it through without some of the great friends that I have met here, or the amazing teachers that always had my back.

Most of my favorite memories of LHS will always be during the time I spent with my teammates. Being a part of the girls’ basketball team was the highlight of my high school years. Coach always made us remember that it was more than just a team, it was a sisterhood.

I will always remember the team sleepovers, the lock-ins, the team dinners, team camps, all of the bonding. Those girls truly are sisters to me.

In the fall I plan to attend Baldwin Wallace University and major in Early Childhood Education.

The advice that I have for the underclassmen is to make smart choices, be that in your personal life or academic careers. Also, I know it is cliché but, try not to let the time slip through your fingers, because it truly does fly by.