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Senior Spotlight

Selena Brahaj

High school is coming to an end for me and I am so happy, but a bit scared to move on with life. As a little kid I always was so excited to be done with school and it is finally almost done. It is crazy to think it is almost over and life is about to start. I met so many great people in this school and made so many great memories that I won’t ever forget.

One of my favorite memories has to be track and field. I did it for 2 seasons and I had a blast. The team bonded so well together. We had such fun meets, dinners and practices. My lunch period was also something I won’t forget. I got to enjoy lunch everyday with my best friends, and it was amazing.

As new kids are coming into high school some advice I have for them is to do their best. When I first started high school I didn’t take it seriously, but I learned that not doing your best in high school can affect the future especially if you plan to go to a big college. I wish I applied my myself to school more and actually tried to do good.

My future plans for now, I’m going to Cuyahoga Community College for this 2018 fall semester. After 2 years there, I plan to transfer to a university out-of-state. I plan to study business. I’m still debating on exactly what major I would like to pursue, but business is definitely one that I am most interested in.