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Pet Prisons

We all remember the time in our lives when we would go to the pet store on our free time just to look at how cute the puppies and tiny pets are. We never realized how truly bad the conditions those animals are living in.

I went to the mall the other day and I walked into the two pet stores that were there. They were both so depressing to walk into. All of the animals look so sad and like they want to be out free and running around, not being caged up with no space to run around. They pretty much go crazy in that cage. All of the dogs tried to claw their way out of that cage because they wanted to be free and able to do what they want. There was even a little girl working there cleaning everything while the manager was sitting on her phone behind the desk.

The conditions that those pets are in are so sad. It is good that they are trying to find homes for the pets but the conditions they deal with are just terrible. They should not have to be caged up ruining their lives in there. They end up wasting so many years of their life in a sad lonely cage. “I read an article that at “Pick of a Litter” at the mall gives shots to the pets to calm them down if they are all riled up, which is just stupid and crazy,” said junior, Tara Kantura. The animals get filled up with medicine and chemicals that they do not need. If the shot is for something that is not for good health reasons they should not get it. The pets should not go through this stage. Keep them safe.