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New Starbucks Opening in Lakewood!

Starbucks Corporation is an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain. The company was founded in Seattle and has since spread around the world and finally, Lakewood is getting one. The new store will include a drive-thru and will employ approximately 20 partners.
The only real question is, will it last? The building next door has occupied multiple failed coffee shop start us in the past decade. Along with this, Lakewood is dotted with successful coffee spots. The Root Cafe, A place that is a great representation of the city Local business successes stands across the street.
We talked to students who were avid coffee drinkers that were more than willing to express their opinions. Sophia Murphy stated, “I think it’s great that Lakewood is getting a Starbucks! I just hope it doesn’t hurt local business because the familiarity of Starbucks will for sure attract new and existing coffee customers.” She would go on to say, ” I think everyone either loves or secretly loves Starbucks.”