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Featured Athlete

Terence Checkett

Terence Checkett is one of Lakewood High Schools best baseball pitchers, so we had to ask the man himself how he really does it.

Question:  What is your fastest pitch recorded?

Answer: At one point in my amazing high school year I had pitched at 95 miles per hour.  I wasn’t surprised at all, actually, I thought the machine was broken cause that pitch looked more like a 103 to me.  But who am I to question a machine.

Question:  Do you have any special routines before a big game?  If so what are they?

Answer:  Yes I do indeed.  I eat one bowl of oatmeal before school.  Throughout the school day, I drink about 15 bottles of water, but this water has to be from the “C” building.

Question:  What is your ERA? Do you think it could be better?

Answer: My current ERA on file is at a .3.  I really think I can get it better if I put more hard work and dedication into the team and the practices.

Question:  What is your vertical?

Answer: 30 inches. It is very important to have a good vertical because if the batter hits it right over you and you can’t jump high enough to reach it then you are doing something wrong.

Question:  How many wins does the team have when you pitch?

Answer: I have pitched five games and we had only lost one of them.  And I have to give credit to the other team for being such good athletes.

Question: Do you have any shutouts? If so how did it feel?

Answer:  I have three shutouts.  And I very much enjoyed that feeling of joy.