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Senior Spotlight

Evelyn Jenkins

I always knew high school went fast, but to live the four years myself was a different experience. Throughout my years in high school I made new friends, new memories, and new experiences. My favorite memories would be hanging out and joking around with my friends in classes. Junior year lunch, senior year computer science, junior year art, and sophomore year biology were just a few of the many classes that I cherish the memories from.

My biggest accomplishment would probably be winning Best In Show in my senior art show. It was really great feeling to win that award based off all of my artwork from the past four years of art classes. It was like my hard work paid off.

If you are an underclassman reading this, my advice would be to make the most out of high school. Try out many different clubs, go to a multitude of events like football games, musicals, and art shows. Trying out as many classes, activities, and clubs will help you decide in the long run what you would want to go into after high school.

After high school, I will be attending Ohio University in the fall of 2019, majoring in Studio Art. I always knew I wanted to go into art, but I picked Ohio University as it was cheaper than art schools, and I will be able to have the college experience still.

My time at Lakewood High School is a time I will always cherish, and never forget. I am thankful I went to Lakewood City Schools, but I am also happy to finally move on, and experience new things.