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The 13th Zodiac sign


Get ready because you might be shook at this new discovery. There is now a 13th Zodiac sign, the Ophiuchus. The result of this is the whole Zodiac sign Calendar now shifts. Nov. 29 to Dec. 17 are the qualifying dates for the newest sign to join the party. The sign was discovered in 2016, and because of this, your Zodiac sign might have changed. It’s quite a change, when all our lives we’ve identified with one Zodiac and we get a new one. Back in Babylonian time this sign was acknowledged but didn’t fit in with the modern calendar (12 months, 12 signs). So essentially it’s always been there but we just never knew. NASA hasn’t added a new one but its always existed. But why did we just incorporate it now?¬† The moon’s gravitational pull has made the alignment of the stars shift, along with the earth’s axis changing it’s direction. Now the astrological signs turned back almost whole month.

Our new 13th Zodiac sign is a snake bearer. The Ophiuchus is supposedly a doctor holding a snake. If you are fitted in with our newest sign, some of the traits are as follows. You are secretive and maybe even mystical. You have a hidden wisdom within you. You have strong empathy toward others, and you’re always trying to help everyone around you. But you can in some cases get jealous easily and sometimes even possessive. You have an independent and rebellious soul always acting and speaking out against the things you don’t like. Your fashion style can be described as eccentric.

From Freshman Olivia Nicole Long speaks her opinion about our newest Zodiac sign, “