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H2O in November

H2O is a club at LHS that stands for Help To Others. It is a way that students from around Lakewood can get service hours in while making a difference. Each month they go to different places volunteering for different things.

This month one of the things they are doing is raking leaves for the Lakewood senior citizens. This will take place November 16.  On November 19, a Tuesday, they will be making crafts to sell at the stand for Light Up Lakewood along with decorating chocolate pretzels on November 20. On November 15 they will be delivering bags of groceries to the people who live at the Westerly apartments. They also help deliver holiday food baskets to the citizens of Lakewood with LCAC and go to the Ronald McDonald House and help prepare dinner for the families staying there.

They have many different things every month. It is a super fun way to help volunteer and it is super easy to sign up. All one would have to do is go outside the H2O office, which is near the cafeteria and sign their name on the paper with event they’d like to participate in. Maddy McFarln says, “I love participating in H2O.”