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My Plan for Life

May 22, 2020 12:11am | Caden Stanuch

Ever since I could talk and understand human interaction, I have been told that I should go to college. I feel as though it is the same for many other people out there. We are constantly told that college is the answer and parents and […]

How Our Lives Will Change

May 16, 2020 6:02pm | "Jonas Hupcey"

Our lives will never be the same after the pandemic is over.  Who knows when it will end it could be months or years.  One thing is for sure is that each of our lives will be different now.  Will we have to wear masks […]

The Reshaping of Modern America

May 15, 2020 2:48pm | Adam Schraibman

For the past 20 years, America has been in a frenzy. Countless natural disasters, school shootings, wars in the middle east, and now Covid-19. We look back on the things that really hurt America and try to make the world after the event a better […]

Why I have nothing to write about

May 12, 2020 5:24pm | Bella Nieves

We’re in the middle of a pandemic. I literally can’t think of anything in this world that I could possibly write down in this article that would matter at this point in time. The world is at a halt and I can’t find a single […]

How to Stay in Touch With Friends

May 9, 2020 7:48pm | Jonas Evans

It is a very traumatic and emotional time for everyone. One way to help cope with the hardships is to make new or preserve the friendships we had. While we shouldn’t be visiting friends as we have before, that doesn’t mean we can’t see or […]

Please let us graduate…

May 9, 2020 7:45pm | "Jonas Hupcey"

The Coronavirus has definitely not been easy for anyone, but the seniors of Lakewood High School are really the ones taking a hit.  One thing is certain, we as a school, we as a community should not let it take away graduation from the class […]

Will It Be Forever?

May 9, 2020 3:52am | Ayden Wacker

A pandemic is a widespread outbreak of a certain disease or sickness that is really hard to stop because of its rapid growth. An example of this in the past is the plague. Many people died because of the strong peak. Our country has learned […]

UFOs Are Real

May 8, 2020 6:55pm | Madeline Cummings

For years, conspiracies of aliens have surfaced the media. Through movies and games to chatrooms and vlogs, the concept of aliens has built up quite the fan base. Fans of the once called “supernatural,” are now gaining unexpected support from the government, which is confirming […]

Coming to an End

May 8, 2020 6:54pm | Cassidy Baldridge

One week. One week from this day, Thursday May 7, is the seniors’ last day, May 14th. Although the last day for seniors was supposed to be May 21st with many events ahead, there are other ways seniors are being recognized. Three events including voting […]

Donald Trump’s Opinions on the COVID-19 Pandemic

May 8, 2020 6:48pm | Emma Perry

During this time, the COVID-19 pandemic is growing larger; As last recorded on Monday, April 28th there are 3,063,814 confirmed cases, 906,898 people recovered, and 212,345 deaths worldwide. And not only is the pandemic growing worldwide it is also growing larger within our country; As […]

Summer Vacation?

May 2, 2020 5:35pm | Chloe Fielder

When should I plan or watch for the trips I have planned? Many wonder if the country will lift travel restriction for summer vacation traveling. Could some restrictions be led out. Meaning certain types of vacations may be allowed regarding social distancing practices. Trips across […]

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

May 2, 2020 5:34pm | Tajon Short

  The Final Fantasy franchise is one of the most popular gaming franchises and has had a steady fan-base that is quite large over the years. With 16 console and PC games as well as quite a few mobile games you can see that they […]

How We Can Benefit

May 1, 2020 2:00pm | Ayden Wacker

During this time, we are stuck in our house. Nothing to entertain ourselves except ourselves. When one is alone their true self shows. The person they really are when nobody is looking. This pandemic has given us an opportunity to change or make better the […]

Dog Days

April 29, 2020 10:23pm | Mallory Moorman

As we all know, we are all in quarantine. Some of us losing our minds trying to find something to occupy our time. We have done it all: homework, cleaning our rooms, cleaning our whole house in fact.  Playing board games, cooking, coloring, self-care, and […]

If You Haven’t Already, Watch These TV Shows…

April 26, 2020 2:10am | Bella Nieves

Waco This is a show on Netflix about how events unfolded when arrest warrants were placed on David Koresh and a few of his group members for the suspicion of stockpiling illegal firearms. Atlanta You can watch Atlanta on Hulu, YouTube, or Amazon Prime. This […]

What can we do all day?

April 26, 2020 2:09am | Bryant Newlon

With the quarantine, most outdoor activities are no longer an option so this begs the question, “what do we do all day”. Now although most people now work from home so it is no big issue for them some people don’t have that choice. Some […]

Why Colleges Should Wave Testing

April 24, 2020 4:13pm | Ayden Wacker

This pandemic is a time where everyone is mainly worried about one thing and one thing only, not getting the virus. But at the same time we have to worry about grades and doing good in school.  Therefore it is more difficult to stay on […]

Don’t do these things after the quarantine ends

April 23, 2020 9:09pm | Johana Guci

Everyone is looking forward to finally going outside and enjoying life again, but unfortunately things won’t be going back to normal anytime soon. Even when the lock down finally ends, it will still be dangerous to do certain activities. We certainly don’t want this situation […]

A Guide to Staying Well During Quarantine

April 22, 2020 3:24pm | Bella Nieves

It’s important to be checking in with your mind and body during this quarantine. During all the panic and worry for your family and friends, it can be easy to abandon the care of your mental and physical being. Here’s a handful of things to […]

States Irresponsible Handling of the Pandemic

April 22, 2020 3:18pm | Caden Stanuch

Corona virus is a danger to everyone on the planet. It is highly contagious, can not shows signs of infection for weeks at a time, and has the powers to severely harm and kill people. The total cases count nearing 2,600,000, and a death count […]

Why Panic is Bad

April 18, 2020 8:37pm | Ayden Wacker

In times of a crisis everything seems like it is going downhill. Stores start closing down, everyone starts to only think for themselves and not for everyone as a whole. But why must people do this instead of not freaking out and being smart? Because […]

Should We Go Outside?

April 18, 2020 3:52pm | Bryant Newlon

With the coronavirus pandemic in effect, should we really be going outside? Or, should we be staying in our bedrooms, hiding away until this blows over. Of course, hiding in your bedroom is a very extreme case, but you should try to avoid going anywhere […]

Bucket List for After the Madness

April 18, 2020 3:47pm | Cassidy Baldridge

Months have passed since COVID-19 began going around in the U.S. As we are all aware of,  everything has been closed, and stay at home orders have been placed. In reality, we aren’t able to leave our homes anyway because there is nothing else to […]

Are we returning to school starting in May?

April 18, 2020 3:42pm | Chloe Fielder

Some might say that going back to school before summer break is a good idea, while others may say it is a bad idea. Ohio, along with other states, has shut down schools since March 13th. A social distancing policy is due to quarantine and […]

Are Video Games a Good Quarantine Pastime?

April 18, 2020 3:41pm | Tajon Short

With many of us staying at home for the past 3 weeks due to the COVID-19 virus, many individuals have become bored with doing the same things over and over again. Yes while these things can be entertaining for quite some time they eventually lose […]

Later School Day Start

April 18, 2020 3:40pm | "Jonas Hupcey"

Schools across the county need later start times.  With nearly every school across the county starting between 7:30-8:30 many students are not getting enough sleep to be productive through the day.  Also by the time 3:00 rolls around many kids are worn out and completely […]

Things to Do While in Quarantine

April 14, 2020 10:36am | Jonas Evans

While in lockdown, it’s often hard to think of things to do, especially as a teen. But, just because we are stuck at home doesn’t mean we have sit around all day. There are productive, enriching, and fun things we can do to stay active; […]

” P.s I still love you” Movie review

April 14, 2020 10:32am | Emma Perry

“P.S. I Still Love You” is the 2nd book of the series “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Once Before”.  The 2nd book of this amazing teen romance series has now been turned into a movie like the first. This movie is also packed with […]

Let Everyone Pass

April 14, 2020 10:15am | Caden Stanuch

School is one of the most important things for a child growing up. You meet your friends through school. You learn responsibilities that rival that of an adult. School is where you are molded into the person you will be for the rest of your […]

Is Remote Learning Better?

April 11, 2020 1:44am | Ayden Wacker

Technology has become a big part of our society today. New phones, new computers, and even cars that are controlled by technology. Since technology is only going to get stronger we should get used to having it be a part of our lives right? Remote […]

Quarantine – things you can do to occupy your time

April 5, 2020 6:36pm | Liam Meszaros

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic all around the globe, eventually spreading to Ohio, people are required to social distance and stay indoors for the safety of others around. Understandably, staying inside for long periods of time can lead to cabin fever. It is important to […]

Stay Local in These Troubling Times

April 5, 2020 6:34pm | Jonas Evans

With this major pandemic, local restaurants and businesses will be losing profits. To keep these businesses afloat, it is important that, when we can, we get take out from local restaurants, and go to local stores rather than big chains. If local businesses fail, we […]

Make the Best Out of Your Quarantine Boredom

April 4, 2020 10:23pm | Chloe Fielder

Here in Ohio, as well as all over of United States, we are under lockdown. Quarantine has been an order for almost three weeks, beginning on March 13, 2020. Governor Mike DeWine called for three week quarantine that would end on April 6, 2020 which […]

Tragedy Strikes during the Last Quarter of School

April 4, 2020 10:18pm | Cassidy Baldridge

It all started back in 2019: COVID-19. At first, it was a big outbreak in China, where thousands of people were getting sick.  It wasn’t long before it affected almost the whole world. It came to the U.S.  And then it came to Ohio.  And […]

“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” Movie review

April 4, 2020 10:12pm | Emma Perry

Another teen romance novel turned into a creative movie has made it’s way to Netflix in 2018,” To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.” This sad but love-filled movie is about a girl named Lara Jean, played by Lana Condor as older Lara, and Isabelle […]

Stay Home

April 4, 2020 1:52am | Ayden Wacker

Selfishness has caused tragedies all throughout history. A need to fulfill one’s own satisfaction level instead of worrying about the majority. It has only caused problems, yet people still do it. Just like in this pandemic of COVID-19. All throughout the world people are seeing […]

Virus Panic

March 15, 2020 5:44am | Cassidy Baldridge

The U.S. has gone into panic about COVID-19. It started in China and has spread all over the world, including to the United States. Because of the spread, many universities have declared that students have to go home, and classes will be continued online; some […]

Is the Dragonball Franchise Coming to an end Anytime Soon?

March 11, 2020 2:51pm | Tajon Short

The Dragonball franchise is one of the longest-running series around the world, and is arguably one of the most popular. The first manga chapter of Dragonball was released in Japan on September 10th, 1985, and the first episode was released on February 26th, 1986. The […]

Too cold in the School ?

February 28, 2020 6:15pm | Joey Simmons

Many teachers need to start increasing the temperatures in many of the classrooms during the winter. This has been an issue for as long as I have been here. Since sophomore year I’ve heard students constantly have complaints when they walk into class about how […]

A Trip To Hell And Back… Cici’s Pizza In Brooklyn

February 28, 2020 6:12pm | Adam Schraibman

This adventure starts with fellow LHS student Mark Frantz and I. The following events are real. In this cold, snowless winter with little to do, boredom overcomes the teenage mind. With this boredom we set out with a plan to review a buffet that had […]

We Need Students to Support Spring Sports!

February 28, 2020 6:04pm | Chloe Fielder

Just like the big entertaining football and hockey games, spring sports deserve the attention too! When it comes to spring season at Lakewood High School, the year and time seems so much faster towards summer break. As a school that supports the athletics and academics […]

Justin Bieber’s New Album

February 21, 2020 5:23pm | Cassidy Baldridge

On February 14, 2020, Justin Bieber finally dropped his album “Changes.” It has been five years since Bieber has released an album. His most reacent was “Purpose” which was a huge hit. The album “Changes” means more than the other albums in the past. The […]

We Need a Later Start

February 18, 2020 1:51am | Jonas Hupcey

Lakewood High School needs a change.  The school needs a later start to the day.  Many students are sleep deprived, tired and just mentally not function in the morning of the school day or become extremely tired by the end of the day.  Obviously the […]

Pep Rally in the Morning?

February 18, 2020 1:37am | Bryant Newlon

On Thursday February 13th Lakewood High School is having a pep rally during 3rd and 4th period classes. This raises the question as to “why in the morning?” Pep rallies were always during 8th and 9th period classes at Lakewood until now. The main reason […]

When Should There Be A Snow Day?

February 7, 2020 6:08pm | Alexander Schulz

Have you ever thought there was going to be a snow day but there wasn’t? Well it happened again. On this week’s Thursday it was really cold and icy out, and my friends and I thought that there could be a possibility of getting a […]

Informative Article:The origin of Stockholm Syndrome

February 2, 2020 7:55pm | Bella Nieves

On August 23, 1973, convicted felon, Jan-Erik Olsson tried to rob Kreditbanken bank in Stockholm, Sweden. According to History.com, “Olsson demanded more than $700,000 in Swedish and foreign currency, a getaway car and the release of Clark Olofsson, who was serving time for armed robbery.” […]

Graduation Requirements… Why do many changes?

February 2, 2020 7:47pm | Bryant Newlon

Over the years school has technically evolved from what it was in the past but just how much has it evolved. In our school you need four English credits, four mathematics credits, three social studies credits, three science credits, five elective credits, half a gym […]

How Broken is Rainbow Six Siege?

January 26, 2020 7:31pm | Bryant Newlon

Why is it that every other shot seems to miss? Why is it that they don’t have to aim at you? Why is it that they can’t even see you? These are a few of the questions that Rainbow Six Siege players have asked for […]

Climate Change destroying our earth

January 26, 2020 7:31pm | Joseph Simmons

Climate Change is a devastating issue that many world leaders are not doing enough about. Australia is engulfed in flames and the hotter drier climate only makes bush fires more frequent and more intense. When the issue of Climate Change was brought up to Prime […]

Listening to Music Does Improve Your Mood

January 26, 2020 7:26pm | Ashley Nelson

With the many different genres of music out there for all to listen to, music has been proven to increase our moods. Music can help you get in a groovy mood, help you relax and sometimes even make you tear up. When listening to music, […]