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Person of the Week

Mrs. Brenda Allen

April 13, 2017 4:58pm | Eman Naserallah

Mrs. Brenda Allen is a well-known face to Lakewood High School. Generally, everyone should know her as the one handing out temporary ID’s early in the morning. Or, the cool lady who walks down the hallways, and a staff member you can definitely tell your all […]

Mandy Muscatello

April 13, 2017 4:53pm | Courtney Moran

This person of the week is Mandy Muscatello! Mandy is a bright, bubbly spirit and a great person to talk to when needing great advice. I highly advise you to take time out of your day to sit down and talk with her and ask […]

Maya Ariza

April 13, 2017 12:35pm | Maya Costanzo

This week’s person of the week is Maya Aria. Maya is very active in and out of the school. This is only Maya’s second year at Lakewood, as she transferred from Magnificat High School during the beginning of her junior year. Maya has played soccer […]

Alex Markham

April 11, 2017 5:12pm | Erin Mullen

This week’s person of the week is Alex Markham. Alex is a junior here at LHS. He is apart of the construction trades program with the West Shore. He also was involved with the NIMBA team the Dirty Beans. The Dirty Beans ended their season […]

Courtney Moran

April 11, 2017 5:10pm | Hana,Shaheen

This week’s person of the week is the one and only Courtney Moran! Courtney Moran is known as one of the smiley faces you see around the hallways of Lakewood High. If you aren’t familiar with Courtney, I’d highly suggest you’d start-up a conversation because […]

Lizzie Shuga

April 10, 2017 5:57pm | Hanna Chodzin

This week’s spotlight is on junior Lizzie Shuga. Lizzie has been a part of Rangerettes and dance group since her freshman year and loves being a part of these great activities. Last year she became the Rangerette junior captain alongside two senior captains, and this […]

Trinity Nall

April 7, 2017 5:21pm | Ryann Greenfield

Trinity Nall is currently a senior at Lakewood High School. She has been going to Lakewood schools since the third grade at Taft. She used to live in Warren with the rest of her family till she moved. She has been playing basketball since she […]

Miranda Larimer

April 7, 2017 2:35am | Elizabeth Scott

This week’s Person of The Week is Sophomore, Miranda Larimer. This is her second year attending Lakewood High School. Miranda’s goals this year were to better her grade point average, focus more on school, and join a sport. She was not able to take up […]

Brian Donahoe

April 6, 2017 5:55pm | Lizzie Shuga

This week’s person of the week is junior Lakewood High School member Brian Donahoe. Brian is extremely involved in multiple in and out of school activities, ranging from Tae Kwon Do to pit orchestra to AP courses. He exemplifies the best Lakewood High School has to […]

LaNiqua Jones

April 6, 2017 5:31pm | Jaclyn Burdette

The person of the week is LaNiqua Jones. She is a junior at Lakewood High School. LaNiqua  is a very outgoing and fun-loving student. She currently has a 3.0 GPA. LaNiqua use to do football cheerleading but did not do basketball cheerleading to focus more on school. […]

Adam Torres

March 31, 2017 5:16pm | Courtney Moran

Lakewood High’s very own Adam Torres is a very well-known, outgoing person. Liked by many. I decided to take the time and sit down with him to ask him about how Lakewood High has influenced him so far. Q) What has been your favorite part […]

Gabby Eisel

March 31, 2017 1:04pm | Courtney Ribar

The person of the week is Gabby Eisel. She is junior at Lakewood High. Gabby is a very kind and bubbly person. Eisel is very active in Lakewood High, participating in Student Council, Tennis, Swimming, and Track. She is the type of person that you can […]

Olivia Nagy

March 30, 2017 12:23pm | Trinity Nall

This year the Lakewood girl’s basketball team accomplished something outstanding. The girls were district champs, and advanced to the regional semifinals. This hasn’t happened in Lakewood since 95, so this was a very big deal not only for the team , but the city as […]

Nate Young

March 29, 2017 3:29pm | Hanna Chodzin

Lakewood High School’s very own senior Nate Young has gone above and beyond student expectations since freshman year. Nate devotes a huge portion of his free time to Lakewood sports and organizations, working hard every day in everything he is involved in. He is senior […]

Person of the Week: Ms. Diamond

February 5, 2017 7:25pm | Eman Naserallah

Having trouble with your schedule? Do you need to set up an appointment with your counselor? Do you even know how to set up an appointment with your counselor? Seniors, are the deadlines for applications coming up and you need to get your transcripts in? […]

Emma Bressler

February 5, 2017 7:14pm | Ty'Saun Blevins

  Emma Bressler, this past week, had a  PR of 1:01.4 in her 100 Freestyle race, along with receiving a bronze medal for third in the girls 200 free relay with teammates Maggie McHugh, Kelley Reis, Julie Neff at their conference meet. Emma Bressler has […]

Person of the Week

February 1, 2017 6:25pm | Hana Shaheen

This week’s person of the week, is senior Hanna Chodzin. Hanna is a 4 year member of the Lakewood Rangerettes a 3 year member for our fabulous gymnastics team. Dance is something big in Hanna’s life and started when she was 11 years old staring […]

Person of the Week: Courtney Ribar

December 5, 2016 1:37pm | Erin Mullen

This week’s person of the week is Courtney Ribar. Courtney is a junior here at Lakewood High School. Courtney is a very friendly and outgoing person. She is respectful, honest and caring. Courtney is a good person all around with a kind heart. I interviewed […]

Person of the Week: Mary Roufael

December 1, 2016 1:35pm | Elizabeth Scott

  This week’s person of the week is Junior, Mary Roufael, she is an outstanding student with a great grade point average. I asked Mary a few questions for you to get a feel of how Mary Roufael feels about Lakewood High. Q: “What is your favorite […]

Omar Ibrahim

November 19, 2016 2:11am | Ryann Greenfield

Q: What is your favorite part of senior year? A: “I like getting to have a really short day, and being able to go to prom and graduation.” Q: What is your advice to freshmen? A: “My advice to freshmen would be to focus on your […]

Aaron Lorkowski

November 11, 2016 1:42pm | Kelsey Shea

Our person of the week for LHS is senior, Aaron Lorkowski. Q. What is your favorite part of senior year so far? A. “My favorite part of senior year so far has been the football games. I really enjoyed being able to paint and show […]

Mrs. Lynn Patton

November 2, 2016 1:13pm | David Adkins Jr

Our person of the week is  Family & Consumer Science teacher, Mrs.  Lynn Patton. D.A. – What are three interesting facts about you? L.P. – “I am from Wisconsin,  I have three children,  and I’m sad that the Packers lost last week.” D.A. – How do you prepare your […]

Mr. Keith Ahearn

September 7, 2016 3:49pm | Riley Hill

The Lakewood Times likes to give special individuals  the “Person of the Week” award. These individuals are randomly picked for their efforts to make  this community a better place. The  Person Of The Week is Keith Ahearn, Principal of Lakewood High School. Mr.Ahearn has put […]

Mrs. Dayna Hansen

September 6, 2016 9:03pm | Matt Hammad

Hansen teaches Photography 1 & 2 and Art 1. She attended Lakeland Community College and Kent State University. She has been working at Lakewood High School for 2 years now. Before Hansen taught here she was teaching in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina at Wando High School […]