Exams await…

Jake Antel and Xavier Pedro, Staff Writers


On Monday, January 14th there will be regular class periods, but on Tuesday midterms start.

1st period exam starts at 8:30-10:00. 4th period exams start at 10:10- 11:40. Then open lunch starts at 11:45- 1:10. Make sure you get your parent’s signature so you are able to leave the school to go to lunch. Also, don’t be late to the 7th period exam that starts at 1:15-2:45.

On Wednesday the 2nd period exam starts at 8:30-10:00. The 5th period exams start at 10:10-11:40. Open lunch is next at 11:45- 1:10. Then 8th period begins at 1:15-2:45

The last day of midterms starts off with the 3rd period exam at 8:30-10:00. Next is the 6th period exam at 10:10-11:40. Open lunch is at 11:45-1:10. Then be back for the final midterm which is 9th period and starts at 1:15.

After a long week of studying and exams we get Friday off.

Sophomore Nick Porter says “I feel like midterms are very stressful because all of the work we have to do to prepare for the exams. Once they are over I’ll feel very relieved.”

Click here for an exam schedule and permission slip that allows a student to leave the building during lunch hours.

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