A message about safety from Dr. Wagner

Dr. William Wagner, Principal

One of our most important duties is to assure the safety and security of our campus for each and every one of us, every period – every day. 

This is critical and every one of us shares a key part of this responsibility.

Recent events around the country and locally have emphasized our need to be more alert, visible, attentive and connected when it comes to our campus.  Throughout the day, it is critical that we do not prop doors open or let people in who do not work or attend school here, always keeping an eye and ear open at all times. 

Students and staff, if you see someone on campus without a school ID badge, temporary ID badge or yellow visitor sticker, go up to them and ask, “Can I help you?”  Escort them or at least point them to the nearest security officer or to the Main Visitor Entrance. 

Be especially aware during class changes.  If you encounter someone you don’t know trying to get into a locked door, don’t open it for them. You are not being rude; you’re securing the safety for all of us. 

This must be universally-accepted standard for everyone campus-wide. 

 It is important that we all get to class on time, keep the volume down in the halls, be nice to each other, and address those who aren’t following protocol.  The research very strongly proves that maintaining a positive, supportive, engaged climate is the most powerful factor in maintaining a consistently safe school campus. 

 It’s up to each and every one of us to make this happen: Every Period – Every Day.

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