A growing tradition

Paige Olszewski

Paige Olszewski, Staff Writer

From rookies to advanced artist’, the Art 4 class continues the traditional self-portrait canvas paintings. As nerve-wracking as it is, the students strive to overcome their fear and make it a goal to be their best wok of the year.

“They start to discover their own talent,” says art teacher, Amy Sedlak.

“Every year students start to form their own colors and techniques, their own talent comes out, and all I do is guide them,”  Sedlak added.

Although this project has been around for some years, it hasn’t always been a canvas painting. Retired teacher Phyllis Fanning originally started the four’s on the self-portrait paintings, but it was never on canvas. When Todd Urban became the teacher,  he carried on the traditional, but it wasn’t until Amy Sedlak came into the picture when the canvases became a part of the project.

“Phillis Fanning was a great teacher, I learned a lot from her becoming a teacher,” Sedlak concludes.



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