Beauty and the Beast

Cassidy Worthington & Sammie Britton, Staff Writers

On the first weekend of May, Thursday the 2nd  through Saturday the 4th, the Barnstormers will be performing the musical Beauty and the Beast.

This will be held in the Civic Auditorium and will begin each night at 8pm.

The cast includes:

Tess Marjanovic – Belle

Aaron Roos – The Beast

Max Mulready – Lumiere

Carleigh Spence – Silly Girl

Olivia Lawrence – Madame De La Grand Bouche

Grace Lazos – Mrs. Potts

Luke Lemmeier – Mr. D’Arque

Evan Levis – LeFou

Shawn Lopez – Gaston

Wes Carney – Maurice

Riley Faulhammer – Silly Girl

Michael Fox – Cogsworth

Maddie Burns – Silly Girl

Caroline Canale – Babette

And the chorus will be performed by:

Sheila McMahan, Andrew Miller, Alison Owen, Audrey Bauman, Ella Blackman, Andrew Buck, Arbela Capas, Sam Fedor, Jamie Fesko, Thomas Grauel, Allie Healy, Kayte Heidler and Emily Houska.

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