AYF Talent Show

Sammie Britton, Staff Writer

Would you like to see you fellow classmates perform and show off their talents?

Well now’s the time!

Come to the Civic Auditorium February 26th and 27th for the annual AYF talent show. The show will be about one hour and 30 minutes long. Tickets are $5 at the door. All of the money raised will go towards the scholarships for LHS students to attend the National Leadership Conference in Shelby, MI during the summer.

Staff will receive a complimentary ticket with their staff ID, socome support you’re classmates and see all the hard work that they have done.

The following students will be performing, Danny Toner, Max Mulready, Shawn Lopez, Willow Hawks, Frannie and Tommy Grauel, Emma Brady, Summer Cruz and Riley Faulhammer, Micheal Fox, Maryam Muhammad and Kera Moore, Genevieve Greer, Bobby Johnson, Lisa Delgado, Devin Mckee and Morgenna Zuby, Hanin Abdolkadir, Maddie Burns and Jessica Graber, Meghan and Hannah Tyburski, Chania Cole, Jessica and Katie Maxwell, Grace Therber, Maggie and Moira Horn, Ally Noelker, Marwah Muhammad, Tatianna Williams, Enas Muhammad, Mariah Washington, Tatyana Washington, Peter Quigley, Capriese Jackson, Chance Liebschner, Neville Robinson.

And the following AYF members are helping to produce the show: Frannie Graul, Arbela Capas, Caitlin Conner, Joy Herzberger, Ella Blackmen, Grace Therber, Callan Foran, Anna Popernack, Sheila McMahon, Grace Youseffi, Steve Saed, Aaron Helbig, Sam Aprile, Matt Johnson and Jimmy McMahan.


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