iPhone users: did iOS7 live up to the hype?

Paris Parken, Staff Writer

Anyone with an iPhone has heard of the new software update for the iPhone, iOS7, that officially came out on September 17th this past week.

The initial reaction for the update was excitement for anyone who has an iPhone. The hype for the new 5c and 5s iPhone was presented to all Apple users as a shiny new (even gold and silver) toy just days before, and the follow-up of the iOS7 coming out was just icing on the cake. But, after spending 3 hours waiting for iOS7 to download, and even hearing horror stories of people who had to wait 17 hours, has this new software update even been worth it?

After getting the software update, the iPhone’s already short-lasting battery seems to be draining even faster as the day goes on. The new design of the iPhone is completely different,  it is a big step compared to what it was before , but the lock screen and the panel layout when you double click the home button is nothing we haven’t seen before in the design of Android phones.

iOS7 is a new and great improvement for iPhone users, but was the suspense for it to come out overplayed?

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