New Year’s Resolutions

Hannah Kiraly

Resolutions, an enduring tradition the world has seen for centuries.

New Year’s resolutions started in 62 B.C. the time of Julius Caesar. In the Roman Empire, a god by the name of Janus, the “two-faced god,” was said to have looked backwards into the old year and then looked forward into the new.

Janus was not only a Roman god, but his name gives us the month of January which, as we all know,  is the month that begins each New Year. Janus was believed to protect the Romans in the ending and beginning of each year. During this time period, New Year’s Resolutions where intended for “good moral doings” — meaning they would payback their debts in the New Year.

Nowadays, New Year’s resolutions are goals that we make for ourselves that sometimes consists of: losing weight, beating a record, eating right, go to bed earlier, becoming organized, or even spending less money.

The saying “it’s easier said than done” applies to the many people around the world trying to achieve their New Year’s resolution.

First things you have to consider when creating a resolution is to make your goal realistic. A simple tip is to write it down or keep a list of goals on your phone.

Next, get motivated. Only you can motivate yourself to continue with your goal.

Next learn to have self-discipline.  In order to attain this, start off with smaller weekly goals. Remember to encourage yourself along the way. A positive attitude will help.

Getting a small group of friends together to achieve similar resolutions may also help.

Joy Hoile, a junior at LHS with a positive outlook on the resolutions said she plans to do “27 random acts of kindness for the Connecticut shooting.” She plans on keeping it up and so far she has achieved 4.

Even if you don’t believe in creating a New Years resolution, its okay. It’s just another way to challenge yourself by having a different viewpoint in the New Year.

For instance some students like Jade Borocz a junior, said she is never able to keep them. This is the case for many people around the world; remember it is never too late to start a resolution.

The first step is always the hardest.

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