Sacha And Tyus have officially signed

Tomas Pano

Tomas Pano, Editor

Two of Lakewood’s greatest senior athletes, Amanda Sacha and Marquise Tyus, have officially committed to colleges to do what they love most.

Sacha signed with Division I Ohio University to run Track and Field. “It was an awesome experience. It never really hit me until I was sitting at the table with my dad and Coach Schreiner. I’m very fortunate to have such an amazing support system,” said Sacha.

Tyus signed with DIvision II Ohio Dominican University to play football. “I really enjoyed the signing and I’m just happy that the recruiting process is over with because, even though it was an amazing experience, it was definitely stressful,” said Tyus.

Tyus and Sacha are looking forward to these next four years.  Tyus has big plans for his future. ” I plan to keep training and getting bigger so I can be in the best shape for my freshman year.”

Sacha is also planning on working hard and is looking forward to the upcoming challenges next year.

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