LHS student’s experience with Joe Biden


Amir and Amira Nasrallah with Joe Biden

Ricky Bottiglier, Hannah Kiraly, Nick Hudson, Staff Writers

On Sunday, November 4, Joe Biden came to Lakewood High School for a late campaign rally. But it is what happened before the rally that is making national news.

Right before his campaign rally at Lakewood High School, Vice President Joe Biden stopped in at My Friends Restaurant on Detroit Ave. in Cleveland. While he was checking out , buying a cheesecake and coconut custard pies , he met Amira Nasrallah, a senior here at LHS.

She told him that she helped pass out tickets to his event, but she couldn’t go because she was working at My Friends. Biden then asked her if she wanted to come with him to the rally in his limo. Amira said yes, and asked if her brother Amir could come along, which the Secret Service okayed.

Biden then told Amir and Amira about how he grew up,  how he worked as a kid, and that he needed financial aid for college.

The Secret Service escorted them to the event and Amir and Amira got to watch from the VP section in the front row.

After the rally, the press came to ask questions. They asked Amir and Amira if they could vote and they said they were not old enough yet. They were then interviewed by the Plain Dealer and went back to work.

Asked about how it felt to ride in Joe Biden’s limo and be escorted by the Secret Service, Amir said, “It was awesome; I felt secure.”

A video of Amira and Amir coming out of the restaurant and getting into the car can be seen at http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2012/11/04/biden-gives-17-year-old-exclusive-ride/.

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