Cozumel Restaurante and Cantina

Cozumel Restaurante and Cantina

Jasmine Muscatello

The reviews are in on Cozumel Restaurante and Catina and the critics are pleased.

This local Lakewood restaurant has an urban mexican theme and original taste. They really try to capture authenticity and their prices are not to shabby either. They even offer a free side dish of fresh-baked tortilla chips and home-made salsa.

Cozumel is located at 16512 Detroit Avenue, right around UDF and McDonald’s. Its placed in a generally good location with a good atmosphere. There are lots of friendly faces.

The dishes here are actually pretty affordable. They have a vast variety from traditional mexican dishes, street tacos, soups and even some stuff for you vegans out there. I personally like their food, it has exotic flavors and great textures. When I go there I usually get one of a few things. Their taco salads are affordable at the low price of $8 and it tastes (metaphorically) like heaven. I believe the best thing they have is their ice cream. They really know what they are doing in that department.

The one thing that you will probably remember is how nice their employees are. When you go to a restaurant you expect the waiter to be respectful, paced, and clean-cut. Believe me when I say that the employees at Cozumel are above expected standards. Their hospitality is most accurately given 5 stars.

Im not the only one who thinks this way either. Sheena W. from Rocky River thinks that “Cozumel has astonishing food with original flavors and she is going to go there again a.s.a.p.” Tina Hamilton from Lakewood, Oh thinks “Cozumel is a great family oriented restaurant but is also a great place to go with some coworkers and get a couple drinks and chill back with some great mexican cuisine”