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    Pansexual, Bisexual, and Asexual are their own categories

    Pansexual, Bisexual, and Asexual are their own categories

    Most of our lives, we have had the three classifications when it comes to sexuality. We know the words straight, gay, and lesbian; however there are a few that are unknown to some people or that some don’t agree with the fact that a couple of them are “real”.

    First let’s put a definition to each of these words. For instance being straight or Heterosexual (according to means: sexual feeling or behavior directed toward a person or persons of the opposite sex. To be gay or lesbian would be to like someone of the same sex (gender as you).

    Now those are the easy ones now onto the less known ones; Bisexual would be to like someone who could be male or female whether you are male or female. Bisexual is not the same as gay lesbian or straight because it’s a person who likes both genders no matter what gender they are.

    According to Wikipedia Asexuality is someone who lacks a sexual orientation and/or a lack of interest in sexual activity. Once again it is NOT the same as any of the others because honestly it is not labeling anyone sexually.

    Now for Pansexuality according to the definition is: not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity.

    Now that we have definitions we can see that none of them are really the same. Also since they have definitions that means they are words and if they are words then they are REAL!

    Many people say pansexuality is just Bisexuality but they are wrong because Bisexual is liking both boys and girls, but Pansexuality is no matter the gender; male, female, transgender, gender-fluid. None of that matters it is all about love.

    Love is just love how can you tell someone that how they feel is wrong? Also how can you tell someone that their beliefs are wrong? Think about this before you judge someone, ask yourself these simple questions and if the answers are no then take the facts to heart.

    They might not think or feel the same way as you but they have the right to feelings as well.



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