iOS 10 – What’s New?


Brandon Gue

iOS 10 will bring many new and improved features that will make some happy and others irritated, but it’s inevitably going to be on 80% of our smart phones so let’s take a look into a few new iOS 10 features…


iOS 10 features a new lock screen with a customizable widget page on the left and easier access to the camera. There is a new look to notifications similar to that of notifications on the Apple watchios-10-lockscreen-primary-100670664-large


The messages app is where most of iOS 10’s development went into. There are tons of new features including written messages, message effects, conversation effects, a drawing tool, and even a sticker and gif keyboard built-in.messages


The new music app has a flattened and simpler design, while adding in more features. There is a new “For You” tab in which music is recommended based on artists and music you listen to and a new “browse” tab which shows top charts and featured


Aside from the larger parts of the updates, there are some big updates to little things like an enhanced Siri. Siri will have 3rd party developer access, meaning users will now have the ability to do things like have Siri order an Uber, send a Twitter direct message, and even have her order you Chipotle. You will be able to hide stock icons, meaning you don’t have to have a junk folder with tips, compass, stocks, and other pre-installed apps that most teens don’t use. The news app we undertake a major upgrade, implementing a more user-friendly experience. There will be a redesigned control center with 2 pages instead of 1, new lock sound, keyboard sounds, and even a new look to the emojis as well as up to 85 new emojis being implemented!newsapp