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    Jailbreak: Will the Apple Wardens Ever Stop It?

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    Apple, one of the greatest innovators in technology…  One would think that their devices have means to satisfy anyone from a simpleton to a tech sleuth. But what if owners of, say, and iPhone find a way to break past the traditional software on all iPhones?

    Jailbreaking is the concept of removing one’s Apple product from the Apple Software restrictions. Ever since the first iPhone was released in 2007, the company has been competing with hackers to get them from being able to crack the code to escape the restrictions. Those who jailbreak their phones can access different applications, extensions, and new hardware not found in the Apple App Store.

    Now, this is not per say an illegal activity. Those who are able to get their phones free cannot be prosecuted or charged. The risk one runs is usually losing the insurance on their phone in the case of their phone being damaged. Also, one runs the risk of getting a virus on their device, for the traditional applications purchased in the Apple Store are promised to have no viruses. Why Apple products need no virus software to be installed and updated like other brands of phones such as a Samsung.

    Even if not illegal, there have been actions taken by Apple to prevent the actions taken by hackers. From iOS 6.1.3 to 9.3.5 has had security precautions to prevent jailbreaks, but every attempt to prevent jailbreaks by the company has been thwarted.

    iOS 10.0 has already been jailbroken before even being released. Hackers plan to release just how to do it mere days after the release. One has to wonder, will the security guards of Apple ever be able to prevent a jailbreak?


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