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    “Fencing” by Liam Riker

    He slowly breathed in. These next few seconds would determine if he was truly the best. The score was 4 to 4, both only needed one more point to win. The room was loud with many spectators talking and betting on who would win. It was well lit with light brown flooring.

    There were stands all around him where the spectators sat, he was in the middle of it all; on a slim, black strip. He blocked them out of his mind; they became quieter. The only thing that mattered was his opponent. He looked him over, his opponent was a good three inches taller than him and had a longer reach but was very tired. His opponent was dressed in a mask and white fencing suit identical to the one he was wearing. He noticed a small stain on his shirt.

    His eyes snapped to the weapon his opponent was holding when the referee called a start. It was still. Its silver tip was hardly visible. He slowly moved forward. He had barely moved three steps before his opponent lunged for him. In the flash of an eye he had parried it and scored a touch with a riposte. He had won. He let out his breath.

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