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    “Max” by Max McMillen


         Who is Max? That one, over there, with bright, bright, pink hair?

         Yeah, that’s Max.

         But deep down, who is Max?

         Max is more than pink hair deep down. Max’s soul is colored in gorgeous pinks and blues and purples.

         “Max” is not just a nickname. Max is my true self. That other name placed upon me? “Given” to me? Forced upon my being? It is not me. Those that call me it do not know me. Those who only call me it do not deserve to know me. My legal name is just a facade. My inner, gooey, true self is Max.

         I loathe those that refuse to call me Max. My sister says I disrespect my family by going by this name. My former employee claimed she had no issue with calling me Max, yet each day she said my “given” name. These people do not deserve to know me, and I should not be forced to put up with these people, so I don’t. I make sure to surround myself with people who love me and value my opinions — people who respect me and challenge me to grow and flourish. They are important people to me that help me get through each day. They are essential to my happiness. The others are not.

         My name, my chosen name, makes me happy. It expresses my genderfluidness and my freedom as a person. It validates my being. It lets me know that I am independent and important and I can think for myself. I am not a robot or a simulated character in this world. I am creative and concentrated and cool, and my name intensifies my whole being. I picked this name because it best describes me as a person. It is short, sweet, ungendered, and beautiful — just like me.

         So who is Max? Max is someone who does not settle for less. Max is someone that does not follow standards that are placed upon them by older, stubborn generations. Max is very important and intelligent and deserves better. Max is Max. That won’t change.

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