My Childhood

My Childhood

Summer Ramirez

Winx, the original Scooby Doo, Wizards of Waverly Place are only a few of the shows that make up what I watched as a kid. I would get up early on a Saturday and Sunday morning just to race my brothers and sister to see who got to choose what we watched.

Winx Club was a group of good fairies who have magical powers and are able to defeat the evil fairies. It is pretty much the basic hero vs villain thing that gave every kid hope. The fact that good always wins made children believe that no matter what you go through you will always win if you are good. This show came out in 2004 and is still continued to be adapted and new characters are created with every season.

Scooby Doo was that one kid show that was all let’s solve mysteries. It showed the unveiling of bad guys and that the monsters under the bed aren’t real. It also showed that since the things behind the masks were always people that people are the real monsters. Scooby Doo was the one show that didn’t sweet talk us as kids. Other than the fact that there was a talking dog it was probably the most realistic show I watched. They had the mummies they fought, the vampires, and even the sea monsters all the things  that I was afraid of when I was a kid. It showed me I don’t have to be afraid of the monsters in the storybooks. This show has been adapted into live versions and is still today continued to be produced however the first time it was seen anywhere on TV was in 1969. It is crazy to think that this show was something that my mom and grandma watched as a kid even through the changes the characters always remain the same.

Wizards of Waverly Place was about a family of wizards whom lived in the human world. They tried to live a normal life however they always had issues actually being normal. The family themselves had issues when it came down to a final showdown of who would end up with all the family powers. With this came a competition and a few hungry power teenage wizards. They even made a movie out of the show and it came out in 2009. The show however came out in 2007 and ended production altogether in 2012.

These shows were only a few out of many that ended up being the shows I watched growing up. I didn’t realize their educational purposes or the impact that they had on me until now as I am looking back into the lessons or the themes in each of these TV shows. They might seem outdated now as kids are watching Liv & Maddie but these are the shows of my childhood and I hope someone remembers them other than me. I can just see the day when I bring up a show like Scooby Doo and a kid asks me what that is. They may not seem important but they helped shape who I am today.