New “Kids Cove” at Lakewood Park

New Kids Cove at Lakewood Park

Elizabeth Shuga


Lakewood Park’s beloved playground has been torn down and the park has been under construction in order to clear the way for a bigger and better “kids cove.”

The project has been underway for many years now, but is finally beginning to take flight and become a reality. This playground will be an advanced version of the park’s former play space. The “kids cove” will almost double the former playground’s size and add higher quality equipment. However, despite the improvements in the playground, leaders in this project claim they want to maintain a natural feel and will be including more trees and plant life into the park’s remodeling. This project will cost the city a total of 1 million dollars, partially being covered by a state grant.

What is the purpose for this playground remodel? Mayor Mike Summers claims the former playground was no longer safe. It was built in a time when children wandering off and being in danger is not as much of an issue as it is in the current state of the world. The new play space will create a secure environment where parents can safely watch their children.

The new playground at Lakewood Park will be a huge asset to the city and an improvement to the quality of the park as a whole. Along with the newly implanted solstice steps, Lakewood Park will become a major attraction for the town. Plus, it will provide a safer and more enjoyable place for the children of Lakewood to roam and play.