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    Small Business, “Aunt Flow,” Is On a Mission


    For years, the Dollar Shave Club has operated as the chief monthly toiletries provider, shipping a stock of razors to millions of men across the nation. Over the past eleven months however, 19 year old businesswoman and Ohio native, Claire Coder has extended this novel idea to the product that arguably fits this monthly model the best: tampons and sanitary pads.

    Coder’s service, cleverly named Aunt Flow, is a simple, non-binding means for women to have biodegradable, chemical free tampons or pads delivered directly to their door each month for a 13 dollar per month subscription fee.

    Though certainly Aunt Flow is a miracle business in allowing anyone who experiences a period to avoid the inconvenience of running to the CVS every month, Coder’s mission in developing the service is what makes Aunt Flow such a special and vital presence in the sanitary pads and tampon market.

    On the company’s website, Coder describes her motivation to launch Aunt Flow was her mother’s stories of working with poor and homeless women who had to line their clothing with plastic grocery bags so they would not be soiled by period blood as they had no means to receive tampons or pads. Struck by this, Coder set out to help women through her business.

    Aunt Flow donates a box of their pads or tampons to women in need (such as homeless women or women in non-industrialized nations) for every box they sell.

    If all natural, 100% cotton sanitary products, helping women in need, or supporting small, local businesses appeals at all to you, you can sign up for Aunt Flow for only 13 dollars per month at

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