Opinion: Too Early for Christmas?

Opinion: Too Early for Christmas?

Ryan O'Toole

While it seems Christmas is coming fast, it’s getting colder, lights are going up, commercials are coming on, and probably the most recognizable change is that Christmas music is up and running and has been for a week or so now.

Many people love the idea of celebrating Christmas earlier and earlier, seeing as how it is some people’s favorite day of the year. But the long asked question, “is it too much too soon?” has been and will continue to be debated for years and years. People who are all for Christmas say that Christmas season starts November 1st, only to recognize Thanksgiving as a holiday that day, then it’s back to Christmas everything.

But for those that think it’s too early for the lights and sounds, they argue that Christmas should not be celebrated until at the earliest after Thanksgiving, if not December 1st. Those against the early festivities feel that it ruins the Christmas Spirit, it takes away from how special the holiday is and by the time Christmas rolls around it feels less special. But of course those who say, “Bring it on!” the ringing of the bells or the music and sounds, and the lights can never get old.

Furthermore Christmas Day acts as a relief and joy as the holiday thy have been so long waiting for has finally arrived. Regardless of what side you’re on, one thing is for certain; as for now Christmas is here, and will be, for the next month or so. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the songs and lights, they’re here to stay.