Shut In


Caitlin Pakosz

As many know the movie “Shut In” is now in theaters. Naomi watts plays as a Psychologist in this nail biting horror film. She lives with her stepson Stephen. Stephen is in an catatonic state ever since being in a car crash with his father. The crash killed his dad. Mary( naomi Watt) takes time bathing and feeding stephen. She plans to eventually movie him into a facility that will better care for him. Suddenly one morning a little boy named Tom, who is also patient, shows up to her door. Before Mary can return Tom to his foster care he vanishes. She contacts the authorities and they have no luck. He is considered most likely to be dead. Mary believes her house is hanuted. Her doctor gives her anti-depressent pills and assures its nothing more. Her nightmare visions continue to keep happening. Soon they begin to think Tom is just a ghost.Even though there is little blood shown,there is plenty of action. Things are thrown, bashed and even stabbing and burning. Characters constantly search for things in the dark. If your looped in to seeing what happens next, then be sure to  go and watch this in theaters! The reviews are great and the story line is something great to follow.