Is Cheerleading a Sport?

Is Cheerleading a Sport?

Jaclyn Burdette

A very controversial question people ask is, is cheerleading a sport? Since in high school cheerleaders do not compete against other cheerleaders it is not a sport, unless your high school has a competition squad who goes against other squads at other events.

Some people might say that since cheerleaders do condition before cheering for a season that they are technically a sport. Well, I think that if you are not competing against other cheerleading squads and there is no placing like first, second or third then therefore it is not a sport. Yes, being a cheerleader can be hard at time with rough conditioning before the season and learning a whole cheer competition routine but if you are just a normal cheerleader during regular season than it is not bad at all.

Cheerleading can be hard for captains and for people on varsity at Lakewood High because they have sparkle practice about two times a week and also somehow have to come up with a new cheer every week and also still have to practice for cheerleading competition, it is definitely not easy.

Cheerleading can also be considered a sport if you know how to tumble which can also be a major factor if cheerleading is a sport or not.

Overall, I think that it depends on the person if they think cheerleading is a sport or not but in my opinion, it really depends on the circumstances like if they tumble or not and if they have a competition cheerleading squad.