Ode To Life by Caleigh Sheehan

Sheehan, Caleigh

“Ode To Life”

What joy you bring,

Yet what sorrow you shower,

Raining down on me every so often,

Yet without sorrow and sadness,

Would joy mean anything at all?

It would be rendered but a meaningless state,

It would take the place of numbness,

Existing always with no breaks or halts,

Until one day joy is as sad and lonely,

As the blue sentiments it replaced..

Life, you understand

On a deeper level than I ever could.

You sow balance into the world,

Weighing chaos and peace,

Anarchy and law,

Rain and sun,

Beauty and ruin,

The great scale of the world.

Life, I thank you for the late nights,

For the tears shared with friends

And the laughs just as plenty,

For the great big smiles,

For hot showers and cold swimming pools,

For late night swims under the gentle glow of the moon,

For the banter with crazy friends

New and old,

For the words that dance through my head,

Though I don’t always catch them, I appreciate them when I do.

Life, though I hate you sometimes,

As all teenagers do,

I thank you for all you have done,

As this one goes out to you.