“Why Are Transgenders So…” by Sam Stone

Stone, Sam

Why Are Transgenders So…

In a conquest I venture in my doubts. I find some popular searches that lead me from my conquest for surgical answer and to ones of cis people not understanding. The top five answers I get:






Questions they ask of others,

Often answered by other people who are not us.

Ignorance answered with ignorance. The real answers not seen.

Why so sensitive?

Who would not be sensitive when all they see in the mirror is work? They see only a prototype of themselves before them. And who would not be sensitive if a stranger, hell, even a loved one, called you John when you were a woman named Collette?

The world looks at us and sees a piece of paper signed to them at birth. It’s as if someone told you to always be in a box, and when you step out, people push you back in. Wouldn’t that cause a tenderness in one’s soul?

Why Are They Ugly?

This body, one day that will be scarred across the heart, is beautiful, handsome, cute, and mine. A transgender person is who they are, and often are souls who spent years trying to satisfy ourselves and craft ourselves in our own image like clay. Satisfaction is not ugliness.

Why Are They So Hot and Pretty?

They are not to be put above anyone, such as why they are not to be put below. A fetish not to be had. We are not special editions.

Why Are They So Annoying?

A group who does not want to be a shadow is not annoying. Society makes us a spectacle or shadow of us. They wish to have their ears stop ringing, but it is going to be impossible to stop the ringing of a group. If not alive, they are souls echoing through times and failures. Silencing with not work for not a fighting soul in the wrong vessel will let up until they are no longer in a mind field of forty-one percent chances of falling to one’s own sword.