Natures Oasis

Natures Oasis

Macey Helbig

Nature’s Oasis has been quite the talk lately around Lakewood. Whether it be for studying or client meetings, it seems to be the place to go. Their wide variety menu makes it easy for everyone to find something they will enjoy. Go for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even grocery shopping and they’ll be sure to have what you need!

On their menu they carry things from bagels and breakfast bowls, to smoothies and fresh-baked goods. When you visit their grocery area, all of it is organic and makes it very simple if you are trying to achieve going vegan or even just eating healthier. In their goods, they have items like: fresh produce, baked goods, milk and dairy, chilled beverages, frozen foods, healthy snacks, Ohio beer and wine, health and beauty supplies, and even pet food!

They partner with over 150 Northeast companies and 100+ companies across ohio to encourage small business purchasing and keep purchases local. All products that enter must pass an evaluation to make sure they meet their strict standards; They want to serve YOU whats best. Their coffee is locally roasted, their tea is from local companies and the dairy is even from local farms. A grocery store and cafe all in one is quite impressive.

Don’t feel rushed when entering either, if you’re a new customer or a returning customer, they treat you with the same respect. Their goal is to give you what you want. After you purchase grocery items, each are hand wrapped in aluminum foil and placed into a brown paper bag. If you order something from the cafe, it is ready in a timely manner. If you have some extra time, sit down and enjoy the music and the view. They have regular tables and high top stools by the window so you can watch the world around you while staying healthy.

Next time you’re driving down Detroit avenue, be sure to stop in and take a look or even try something new. Find the nature in you and feed it today.